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Our general conditions of sale

All deliveries are subject auxconditions Terms & forth below. Each waiver must be in writing and expressly accepted by us.

1. Each order automatically implies acceptance by the customer of our terms and conditions and the denial of its own conditions of sale and purchase, and unless otherwise expressly provided.
2.For each order, the seller reserves the right to require a deposit of a minimum of 30% of the order see if the risk warrants.
3. The agreed delivery time is only valid for the goods in stock. In all cases, this period is given a purely indicative and in no way constitutes a firm commitment.
4. The seller reserves the right to make partial deliveries and invoices.
5.The goods are always transported at the risk and the responsibility of the purchaser, regardless of who performed the carriage and by whom it was requested. The additional costs of express shipment are always paid by the buyer. In case the products are removed, administrative and delivery costs will be charged.
6.L'acheteur acknowledges having examined the possibilities of developments and standards of use before ordering. They are sold with their defects and imperfections. Any error for Development would conceal during use and can be attributed to the seller will be corrected free of charge by the seller in the shortest possible time. The buyer of the "Development is strictly forbidden to sell it, lend, give the demonstration, copy, imitate or modify it. The buyer has no property development. a license number is assigned to each development. in any case, the seller can not be held liable for direct or indirect damages caused by any use of the development, and he can not be required to make changes to development according to the specific needs of the buyer. for developing, the seller sells a license to use, non-assignable and non-exclusive. if the license assignment made without the prior written consent of the seller, the seller and the transferee will be jointly and severally liable to the seller, payment of compensation at least equal to 20 times the cost of development, without prejudice to any other damages. the seller reserves the right to change after delivery, all or part of development without notice. Development can be electrical, electronic, computer, mechanical see a combination of these techniques.
7.Dans part of productions for which specific equipment should be manufactured under contract for the client, the client agrees with the seller from its subcontractors.
8.Sauf contractual provisions, invoices are payable in Saint-Servais, in cash, net and without discount.
9.The agreements made with our representatives are valid only after approval from us. Our representatives are competent nor to cash payments, nor issue receipts unless otherwise provided by us.
10. To be valid all claims must be made by registered mail within 8 days after delivery. In the absence of these conditions, it will be considered null and void.
11. The equipment is covered by a warranty period of 2 years which starts to run from the day of delivery. This warranty will apply quaux defects reported during this period. She will play in this period if the equipment received normal use, but will lapse in case of improper maintenance, improper installation, repair badly made by the buyer for damages of natural (lightning, power surges, etc. .) The warranty is exclusively limited to replacement of defective parts that are recognized by original parts. To invoke the benefit of this warranty, the buyer must notify us by registered mail within two months from the observation of non-compliance. The buyer will enable us to make the necessary findings to remedy. We will not be bound to any compensation to the buyer for injury to persons, damage to property separate from the object or shortfall. The material returned under warranty after repair will ship in port. The warranty does not apply to accessories, spare parts, cables, cleaning products, Kit, .... as well as material that would not have been sold by SPRL Mantec.
12.L'envoi invoice is formal notice in due form. In case of non payment at maturity, the balance of and an interest of 1.5% per month will be full right immediately payable in full, without prior notice. The seller will be entitled to claim an additional amount equal to 20% of the outstanding balance with a minimum of 40A, by way of lump sum expressly agreed between the parties.
13.Mantec sprl declines all responsibility concerning the use and commissioning of components, kits, spare parts, supplies and other equipment sold. The customer agrees to have the necessary concepts for the implementation of this material.
14. In derogation of Article 15833 CC MANTEC SPRL remains the owner of the material until full payment of principal and / or interest and / or liquidated damages. Hereby the buyer assigns to the seller all sums owed to it by third parties. The buyer seller discharge all formalities for meaning and bear any related costs. In addition, the buyer authorizes the seller to return the equipment at any time and regardless of the place where it is located. If necessary, the buyer authorizes the seller to enter premises it occupies.
15.The fact for the buyer to not have REAU our general conditions in his native language, does not exempt the their application.
16.Toutes transactions will be established for the benefit of MANTEC SPRL
17.The seller is MANTEC SPRL, the buyer is the client.
18.En case of dispute between the parties, it is expressly agreed to attribute exclusive jurisdiction to the courts NAMUR, both for domestic and international transactions.


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